Mental Health Programs: Central Region (Red Deer)

If you or a loved one are facing a mental illness, it’s important to know you are not alone.

Coordinated Community Outreach Team

This program is for people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, or struggling with issues related to poverty. The program provides information and referrals, as well as advocacy and client management. Outreach workers meet with clients individually to provide direct assistance or referrals to appropriate agencies.

Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program is designed for individuals who have mental illnesses and feel they are ready for the challenge of reintegrating into their community. The program offers clients a safe learning environment where they can relearn skills and gain confidence and a sense of security. Two educational courses are offered: The Art of Friendship and the Wellness Club.

Supportive Housing

This program is for individuals living with a mental illness who want to live in their own apartment with some outside support. Residents work towards goals and activities that allow them to participate more fully in the community. Goals are achieved through the work of on-site tenant support staff, consumer support workers, and a case manager, who work with clients to achieve day-to-day needs.

Volunteer Program

This program helps anyone interested in volunteering to contribute to their community, meet new people, build their resume, and share experiences and strengths. The program provides volunteer opportunities and experience in everything from retail and customer service to special events and public speaking. Come see how much fun volunteering can be!

Bereavement Support Services

This program allows individuals to learn about and explore grief in a way that they can better understand normal reactions and how grief changes people. Individual support and support groups are offered throughout the year, as well as workshops that provide education and training about grief-related topics.

Guardianship Program, Community Involvement Program

This is for an individual seeking private guardianship of a dependent adult. Guardianship is a legal process which gives an individual (a guardian) the legal authority and responsibility to make or assist in making decisions about personal matters on behalf of a dependent adult. This program provides self-help guardianship kits as well as direction and support to reduce the cost and clarify the process for those seeking guardianship.

Education Program

This is for individuals, family members, service providers, and the general public who want to learn more about mental illness and mental wellness. Presentations, resources, and information sessions are offered throughout the year.

Alberta Brain Injury Network

This program is for those who have suffered a brain injury after birth. The program helps these individuals increase their independence and gain a greater quality of life. Support workers assist with developing and maintaining daily living skills and independence. They also help with decision-making, medical/health practices, improving personal support networks, and increasing community participation. Through all this, the program provides support, coordination, and education to survivors, their families, and their caregivers.