Do you think you already know enough about mental health? Great! That means you’re better able to help yourself or someone else who is dealing with a mental illness.

And remember, the information in this section is only a guideline for assessing your knowledge about mental health and wellness. It should never replace a doctor’s diagnosis.

  • Is it more than just feeling blue?

    Take the test! Check True or False for each of the following questions: True False Question I’m tired a lot. Decisions are more difficult to make lately. I cry more than I used to. I feel edgy and tense. My sleep patterns have changed (more, less, or disrupted). I stay to myself a lot. I just don’t enjoy things the way I used to. I have to push myself to do even the simplest of things. I have lost interest in sex. I eat more/less than I used to. T E S T Please count the number of “Trues” in your responses. 0 – 3: You may be experiencing some…

  • Test your Stress

    Stress can be difficult to understand. The emotional chaos it causes can make our daily lives miserable. It can also decrease our physical health, sometimes drastically. Strangely, we are not always aware that we are under stress. The habits, attitudes, and signs that can alert us to problems may be hard to recognize because they have become so familiar. Find your stress level right now by completing this test. Do You Frequently: YES NO Neglect your diet? Try to do everything yourself? Blow up easily? Seek unrealistic goals? Fail to see the humour in situations others find funny? Act rude? Make a ‘big deal’ of everything? Look to other people…