Mental Health Programs: Alberta South East Region (Medicine Hat)

If you or a loved one are facing a mental illness, it’s important to know you are not alone.

Mental Health Promotion and Education Program

Learning more about mental health improves an understanding and acceptance of mental illness.  We provide presentations, displays, workshops and promotional campaigns that are tailor made for each event.  Activities are organized for Mental Health Week in May and Mental illness Awareness Week in October.  Stress Management workshops are  also available at various levels.

Suicide Prevention Program

A variety of prevention, training and bereavement services relating to Suicide are available to an individual, family or community group.  Workshops and presentations are tailor made to meet the specific needs of groups requesting them.

The Hope and Healing Support After Suicide Group provides a safe environment to those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

The Regional Suicide Prevention Council believes reducing suicide is a community’s responsibility.  This council is comprised of various partners from our region that want to have an impact on reducing suicide.

Yellow Ribbon Campaign

This is a Suicide Prevention Program for Youth that sends the message, “It’s OK to Ask 4 Help”®.  The Yellow Ribbon Program and cards empower youth, giving them permission and a way to ask for help.  The presentations teach awareness and suicide prevention skills to both youth and adults. Barb Lamoureux, who lost her stepson to suicide, is the facilitator for the Yellow Ribbon Program in Canada. She is invited to our region regularly to present the Yellow Ribbon Program to the youth in our region

The Post Thrift Store

Gently used clothes, books, furniture and household goods are sold in the Post Thrift Store, with proceeds used to support CMHA programs and services

Our volunteers enjoy working at the Post Thrift Store in retail and sales.

CMHA also provides supportive employment opportunities at the Post thrift Store sorting and selling donated goods.

Advocacy and Referral Services

CMHA promotes social change needed to ensure that people with a mental illness have the treatment and support they need to participate in community life.

CMHA is a place you can find help with AISH, CPP forms, reports and your income tax.  And we can provide referral services when you are not sure where to go for help.

Routes To Work

CMHA sponsors ‘Routes To Work”, an employment program for people with a mental illness.  They help the person get ready to return to work by exploring skills and interests, developing resumes, practicing interviews, and providing job support.

Mental Health Drop In Center

This centre is open Monday thru Thursday.  It is a place for people to enjoy recreation and leisure activities, meet new friends and find support in a relaxed, safe environment.

Mental Health Support Service

The Whispers of Wellness Mental Health Club is for adults wanting to improve mental health.   This is a peer support group that provides support through education, caring and sharing, and socializing.

CMHA also offers financial assistance in the form of bursaries that can help people with a mental illness pursue skills or training, or attend credit counseling classes.

A resource lending library is available for consumers, family members, the general community and other professionals.  A large assortment of books, videos, magazines and journals on mental health issues are available.